Life sucks

I say Life sucks.  Why do I say that?  Cause it is true.  I now don’t have a job.  I have been laid off since April.  I worked 8 freaking months.  Got hired in September and had to leave in April.  Why you ask?  Casue the boss decided to retire, just when business starts getting busy he closes the store and retires.  Went to work all through that cold winter and when the weather gets nice pfft out of a job.  Right now it is hard to find work, because the college and high school students are out of school, so hopefully I will get a job soon.  Well anothert crappy North Rocks The Bay has come and gone, thank god it is only one year.  The young people around here act like idiots.  Some young girl told my mother to fuck off, can you believe?  What happen to respecting our elders.  Little twirp.  Some-are girls some are 12, some are 13.  Some moron jumped into my dad’s hydrenga bush 3 am Sunday morning, boy was Dad pissed off, broke a bunch of flowers, flatten some.  The flatten ones are coming back up.  I cut the broken ones and if they had a flower on it ended up in a vase.  I am so glad that we put our dog in at nigths.  Mom had a first this weekend.  Her first trip to Quebec, her and dad went to the truck rodeo.  Mom was glad to be home.  But she had fun, going somewhere she has never been before.  Now one of these weekends, she wants to go to Huntsville, that would be a long trip.  So besides all that crap, nothing new is going on.  Later readers, hopefully it won’t be a long time before I post again.  Ciao

About daynadayle

I am the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I have green eyes and brown hair which I like to dye. The rest of my family have blue eyes. So people ask my mom if I actually belong in the family. She says yes, because her mother had green eyes. Plus my one cousin has the same color of eyes. Apparently they are called Castel Eyes. That was my grandmother's maiden name
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