According To This I AM CANADIAN

[] you wear flip flops all year
[ ] you call flipflops thongs not flip flops
[x] you love a backyard barbie
[x] you know a barbie is not a doll
[x] you love the beach
[x] sometimes you swear without realizing
[] you’re a sports fanatic!!
[] you are tanned
[ ] you’re a bit of a bogan
[] you scratch your butt without shame
[x] you have an australian something (thongs, shirt, phone, sock, etc.)
Total= 5
[ ] the Sopranos is a great show.
[] your last name ends in a vowel
[ ] your grandmother makes her own sauce
[x] you know how a real meatball tastes.
[] you know a lot of italian songs. (unfortuneatly)
[] you have dark hair and dark eye color
[] you speak some italian.
[x] you are under 5’10”.
[x] pizza is the best food in the world.
[x you talk with your hands.
[] you say member instead of REmember
[] you speak spanish
[x] you love tacos.
[ ] yoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] you are dark skinned
[] you know what a Bodega is.
[] you talk fast.
[x] you have had highlights or dyed your hair.
[]you have darkhair/dark eyes
Total= 6
[ ] you say villian as: Vee-lon
[x] you get short tempered
[x] you know of sombody named boris/natasha
[] white skinned
[ ] cold weather/snow is the best
[] you get cold easily
[] snow is fun for you
[] you get into contests often
[x] You can easily make do with the cold weather
Total= 3
[] you think beer is good
[x] You have a bad temper.
[ ] Your last name starts with a Mc OR Murph or O’ or Fitz or ends with a ly,on,un,an,ry,ay.
[x] you have blue or green eyes.
[] you like the color green.
[] you have been to a st.pattys day party.
[x] you have family from Ireland.
Total= 3
[] you say nigga/nukka casually
[ ] You have nappy hair
[] you LIKE rap
[ ] you talk with slang
[] you know how to shoot a gun
[x] you think President George W. Bush is racist
[x] you like chicken
[] you like watermelon
[] you can dance
[ ] you can ‘sing’ gospel
[ ]your parents said they found you in the jungle in Africa
Total= 2
[ ] you have slanty eyes
[ ] you like rice a lot
[] you are smart
[] you have played the piano
[ ] you have family from asia
[ ] you have teeny feet
[x] you laugh sometimes covering your mouth
[ ] most people think your chinese
[ ] you call hurricanes typhoons
[ ] you go to Baulko
Total= 1
[x] you like bread
[ ] you think American Chocolate would be better with less Sugar
[x] you drink your soda without ice
[] you Speak German
[] you know what Schnitzel is and you love it
[] you are Catholic or Lutheran
[] you hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi
[x] you went to Kindergarten/Pre-school
[] you’re over 5′ 10"
Total=  3
[] you like/play/played hockey
[] you love beer
[x] You say eh
[x] you don’t believe war is the answer
[x] you know what poutine is
[] you speak some french
[x] you love Tim Horton’s
[x] at one point you lived in a cabin
[x] you watch Degrassi
Total= 6
[] You are very light skinned
[] You or anyone in your family has a name with sz, or cz in it
[x] Your family periodically eats pierogies, golabkies, or kielbasa
[] You speak polish
[] You can stand lots of snow and cold
The one you have more points in is the one you are

About daynadayle

I am the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I have green eyes and brown hair which I like to dye. The rest of my family have blue eyes. So people ask my mom if I actually belong in the family. She says yes, because her mother had green eyes. Plus my one cousin has the same color of eyes. Apparently they are called Castel Eyes. That was my grandmother's maiden name
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