Live Life

This is to all my friend and family.  Live your life to the fullest.  Cherish everyone and everything you have in your life, cause you never know some day everything you loved or cared about maybe gone.  Learn from your mistakes, but never regret them.  Cause think about it.  Look at your life since you made those decsions. Some maybe be good, and some maybe bad, but learn.  Cherish your loved ones.  I have learned to do that, ever since my mom ended up in the hospital on June 21st.  The good news is she is done alot better.  She found that she had an inner ear infection and it really took way her strength.  She is still unsteady, so we tease her about drinking, she takes it in good fun.  She had to be in a wheelchair for a while and I was pushing her around. She is glad to be out of the wheelchair now.  She walked out to the mall today and back again.  Some ppl thought that she had suffered a stroke even the ambulance drivers.  they had to carry her out to a stretcher that was waiting outside for her.  Then the loaded her in to the ambulance around 11am and left.  She came home Thursday.

If you have any special thoughts for her I will be more then happy to pass them on to her.  Just leave them here.  Thanks again.


About daynadayle

I am the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I have green eyes and brown hair which I like to dye. The rest of my family have blue eyes. So people ask my mom if I actually belong in the family. She says yes, because her mother had green eyes. Plus my one cousin has the same color of eyes. Apparently they are called Castel Eyes. That was my grandmother's maiden name
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