Hello world!

Hi world I am new to this whole blog thing, so bear with me thanks.  So I guess to start toff, I am soooo gonna complain about the weather.  It is so freaking cold where I am.  -41 with the windchill.  That is too cold for me.  Sure I was born in the winter but seriously.  I guess now we can say when we were older we remember when the temperature dropped to -41 and stayed there all night.  I hope that my dog is okay.  He has husky in him and he sleeps in our garage in a doghouse, with the garage doors closed.  I know spoiled huh, but we love our pets.  Well I think I should either go to bed, or go back to chatting online.  I have 2 windows flashing on MSN.  Have a great one all, try not to freeze if you are in Northern Ontario 😀

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Life sucks

I say Life sucks.  Why do I say that?  Cause it is true.  I now don’t have a job.  I have been laid off since April.  I worked 8 freaking months.  Got hired in September and had to leave in April.  Why you ask?  Casue the boss decided to retire, just when business starts getting busy he closes the store and retires.  Went to work all through that cold winter and when the weather gets nice pfft out of a job.  Right now it is hard to find work, because the college and high school students are out of school, so hopefully I will get a job soon.  Well anothert crappy North Rocks The Bay has come and gone, thank god it is only one year.  The young people around here act like idiots.  Some young girl told my mother to fuck off, can you believe?  What happen to respecting our elders.  Little twirp.  Some-are girls some are 12, some are 13.  Some moron jumped into my dad’s hydrenga bush 3 am Sunday morning, boy was Dad pissed off, broke a bunch of flowers, flatten some.  The flatten ones are coming back up.  I cut the broken ones and if they had a flower on it ended up in a vase.  I am so glad that we put our dog in at nigths.  Mom had a first this weekend.  Her first trip to Quebec, her and dad went to the truck rodeo.  Mom was glad to be home.  But she had fun, going somewhere she has never been before.  Now one of these weekends, she wants to go to Huntsville, that would be a long trip.  So besides all that crap, nothing new is going on.  Later readers, hopefully it won’t be a long time before I post again.  Ciao
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RE: Album Pets

This is note about the album pets.  I know it only has 6 pics, and I will be adding more pics when I come across some more.  We have some on a digital camera, but I don’t know how to take the pics off the camera, I will have to get my sister to do that when she gets home from camping.  We also hae a basic camera with pics of them, i just have to get the film devleoped.  So please bear with me.  Thanks
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Did you never notice that life doesn’t always turn out like you think it would.  I figured that by now I would be married with a couple of kids now.  But I’m not.  I know live in North Bay, still with my folks and boyfriendless. 
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Pets again

Hey all, I have some good news and bad news to report, first the bad newx, Dally our oldest has left us, it is heart breaking to lose her.  I also lost my hamster Oberon back in the beginning of Decemeber. Now the good news we have a couple more additions to our family, a kitten born the 3rd or 4th of September, then my sister got 2 more rats.  They are boys and they are adorable.  One is albino and the other is black nad they are bery docile.  Well male rats and hamsters are very docile, they hardly ever bite.  Well that is all I got to say right now.  I gotta jet caio all and kudos
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She was Blonde That…

This is really stupid, I hope that it works.  Please if you are blonde don’t be mad at me
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According To This I AM CANADIAN

[] you wear flip flops all year
[ ] you call flipflops thongs not flip flops
[x] you love a backyard barbie
[x] you know a barbie is not a doll
[x] you love the beach
[x] sometimes you swear without realizing
[] you’re a sports fanatic!!
[] you are tanned
[ ] you’re a bit of a bogan
[] you scratch your butt without shame
[x] you have an australian something (thongs, shirt, phone, sock, etc.)
Total= 5
[ ] the Sopranos is a great show.
[] your last name ends in a vowel
[ ] your grandmother makes her own sauce
[x] you know how a real meatball tastes.
[] you know a lot of italian songs. (unfortuneatly)
[] you have dark hair and dark eye color
[] you speak some italian.
[x] you are under 5’10”.
[x] pizza is the best food in the world.
[x you talk with your hands.
[] you say member instead of REmember
[] you speak spanish
[x] you love tacos.
[ ] yoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] you are dark skinned
[] you know what a Bodega is.
[] you talk fast.
[x] you have had highlights or dyed your hair.
[]you have darkhair/dark eyes
Total= 6
[ ] you say villian as: Vee-lon
[x] you get short tempered
[x] you know of sombody named boris/natasha
[] white skinned
[ ] cold weather/snow is the best
[] you get cold easily
[] snow is fun for you
[] you get into contests often
[x] You can easily make do with the cold weather
Total= 3
[] you think beer is good
[x] You have a bad temper.
[ ] Your last name starts with a Mc OR Murph or O’ or Fitz or ends with a ly,on,un,an,ry,ay.
[x] you have blue or green eyes.
[] you like the color green.
[] you have been to a st.pattys day party.
[x] you have family from Ireland.
Total= 3
[] you say nigga/nukka casually
[ ] You have nappy hair
[] you LIKE rap
[ ] you talk with slang
[] you know how to shoot a gun
[x] you think President George W. Bush is racist
[x] you like chicken
[] you like watermelon
[] you can dance
[ ] you can ‘sing’ gospel
[ ]your parents said they found you in the jungle in Africa
Total= 2
[ ] you have slanty eyes
[ ] you like rice a lot
[] you are smart
[] you have played the piano
[ ] you have family from asia
[ ] you have teeny feet
[x] you laugh sometimes covering your mouth
[ ] most people think your chinese
[ ] you call hurricanes typhoons
[ ] you go to Baulko
Total= 1
[x] you like bread
[ ] you think American Chocolate would be better with less Sugar
[x] you drink your soda without ice
[] you Speak German
[] you know what Schnitzel is and you love it
[] you are Catholic or Lutheran
[] you hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi
[x] you went to Kindergarten/Pre-school
[] you’re over 5′ 10"
Total=  3
[] you like/play/played hockey
[] you love beer
[x] You say eh
[x] you don’t believe war is the answer
[x] you know what poutine is
[] you speak some french
[x] you love Tim Horton’s
[x] at one point you lived in a cabin
[x] you watch Degrassi
Total= 6
[] You are very light skinned
[] You or anyone in your family has a name with sz, or cz in it
[x] Your family periodically eats pierogies, golabkies, or kielbasa
[] You speak polish
[] You can stand lots of snow and cold
The one you have more points in is the one you are
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